In Rospa’s OS&H Journal June 2016 edition, our ladder safety device has been mentioned in the editorial which was as follows.

“Retrasafe will present its new Retractable ladder stabiliser at the Safety & Health Expo. The stabiliser is designed to fit most extension ladders, preventing them from slipping backwards and providing a wide ladder base to minimise the risk of swaying in order to reduce ladder related accidents.

The company says that the stabiliser uses a pioneering gear mechanism to enable it to be set to the desired angle to increase stability, while the twist and lock mechanism makes it user-friendly and the two independent legs make it easy to use on uneven or sloping ground. A unique attachment clamp allows the product to be retrofitted in seconds, the firm claims, while the strong friction created inside the hollow rung by the attachment mechanism keeps the stabiliser attached to the ladder during transportation and storage, and can be taken off quickly by loosening the bolt if required.”









To find out more about our ladder stabiliser just click on the link below

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