As part of the shortlisted candidates for the APS CDM Awards 2016, RetraSafe directors were invited to attend an event at the House of Commons. Where they represented Retrasafe in front of Health and Safety experts, Members of Parliament and other business people who made significant contribution in the field of safety. Later on they were joined by their MP Hillary Ben as you can see in the pictures. There was an A1 size poster displaying our retractable stabilisers during the event.

After that event not only safety experts know our retractable ladder stabilisers but MPs and other business people as well. Everyone loved our solution to the problem which ladder users face every day. These stabilisers make extension ladder use safe in seconds without compromising safety. The idea behind this invention is if the stabilisers stay attached to the ladders then it makes it easier for the ladder user to use, transport and store their extension ladders safely and quickly.







To find out more about our ladder stabiliser just click on the link below

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