New EN131 ladder test on old EN131 ladder

Here at RetraSafe, we have got our award-winning retractable ladder stabilisers tested by BSI (British Standards Institute). This ladder test was done on an old EN131 ladder for the new EN131 standard. The ladder with RetraSafe ladder safety device attached has passed all the tests.

No need to replace old EN131 ladders

This proves that the old EN131 standard ladder has at least become as good as the new EN131 standard ladder if not better. A ladder must pass the approximately 275Kg strength test for the EN131 professional standard which it did at BSI.
The slip test is performed on a clean glass surface. In a slip test there’s a certain distance which a ladder can or allowed to slip and if the ladder goes beyond that distance, it’s a failure. The good news is that our ladder stabilisers did not let the ladder slip for even 1mm. This is quite impressive for a ladder safety device on a glass surface.

ladder safety test for new EN131 standard at BSI

Ladder stabiliser test in progress

Previous ladder stabiliser test

We know that our ladder safety device is lot stronger and safer than the current safety solutions. This is because we have also got our ladder stabilisers independently tested at the University of Leeds on stainless steel surfaces. The load went up to 2.4 tonne weight.

The test was supposed to determine the factor of safety. In simple words we wanted to see the maximum load which destroys our ladder safety system. At the end we couldn’t find out the point of destruction as the strongest ladder in the market failed and buckled before slipping or showing any signs of cracks on our ladder stabilizers.

The link to our Youtube video is on the photograph if you haven’t seen it already.

ladder safety device test by an independent organisation

Ladder safety test in progress

Long stabilising bar on new EN131 ladders

Retrasafe is what you need for your ladder safety requirements. This ladder stabiliser is foldable and compact unlike that long stabilising bar at the bottom of the ladder which requires an ideal flat surface to work on, possibly a bigger van and more storage space.

Click on this link to find out more about our innovative ladder stabilisers.

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