My name is Mubashir and I am the inventor of an award-winning foldable ladder stabiliser. Here’s my story about my ladder safety journey.

Inventor of foldable ladder stabiliser

Inventor of foldable ladder stabiliser

I am a self employed satellite installation engineer and have been working on ladders on a daily basis for over ten years. Being self employed there are few things you can not afford and one of them is turn the job down. I have tried many ladder stabilisers available on the market and each of them left me frustrated. I had issues with setting some of them up. Others, I could not use on uneven ground. I had to leave my ladders unattended whilst I got them from my van, which can sometimes be quite far away. I’ve asked some others in my field of work and these are the top issues with common ladder stabiliser they felt they were having with ladder storage, ladder transportation, time consumption, difficulty to use ladder anti slip devices, Couldn’t use on uneven ground, loss or theft of ladder safety devices and unattended ladders when they were going to get their safety devices from the vans.

I came up with a solution and together with my co-founder we set up our foldable ladder stabiliser business, Retrasafe.

Retrasafe is Yorkshire based incubator business with support from SPARK at the University of Leeds, which has designed and developed a safe ladder system that solves a lot of problems that ladder users face daily with existing ladder stabilising devices.

This innovative foldable ladder stabiliser uses lightweight materials and gear system which makes it more practical where other ladder stabilisers fail. The stabilisers are attached to ladders so you don’t need an extra hand or trip to get your stabilisers. This system is compatible with most ladder levellers available in the market.

The system is made in the UK with our award winning stabilisers. The extension ladders which we use are high quality made to BS EN131 standard. They come in a number of different lengths to suit most customers.

This product has won the BSiF product innovation award Commended 2016 and also made to final three in APS CDM Awards 2016 in Health and Safety Innovation Category. Founders of Retrasafe have recently been awarded the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award 2017. This innovative product has been mentioned in the ROSPA’s magazine (OS&H Journal June 2016 edition) and also in British Safety Council’s magazine (Safety Management March 2017 edition).

We have got this ladder safety device tested by an independent laboratory for over 2 tonnes of weight on stainless steel surfaces and the ladder didn’t slip. Don’t believe us?

See it for yourself. Here is the link to our YouTube video of the test.

If you know someone who uses ladders and can benefit from one of this amazing ladder safety device then please do let them know about this new award winning product. To find out more about our ladder stabiliser just click on the link below



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