Our ladder stabiliser was also mentioned in the British Safety Council’s magazine called Safety Management when it was celebrating its 60 years in March 2017. We would like to add a bit more detail about our award winning, innovative ladder stabiliser for extension ladders. This ladder safety device can be used for leaning ladders and combination ladders when they are being used as extension ladders. Our ladder stabilisers can be transported and stored with the ladders.

“No more slip-ups

Lightweight ladder stabiliser designed to prevent most types of extension ladders from slipping, has been launched by RetraSafe.


The stabilisers:

  • Can be set to desired angle to prevent the ladders from slipping backwards and to minimise the risk of it swaying sideways
  • Feature independent legs to enable them to be used on uneven ground
  • Can be retrofitted in seconds using an attachment clamp”

To find out more about our ladder stabiliser just click on the link below

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