Ladder stabiliser for your ladder safety needs

  • This ladder anti slip device is quick and easy to use.
  • Especially designed to improve lone worker safety.
  • It can be used on uneven ground unlike the ladder stabilising bar.
  • These ladder safety devices prevent the extension ladder from slipping backwards.
  • This ladder stabilizer stops the extension ladder from swaying sideways.
  • This safe ladder system provides extra stability by increasing the ladder base.
  • These ladder stabilisers are designed to fit most extension ladders.
  • This innovative ladder stabilising device has been Tested on stainless steel surface to over 2 tonne weight.
  • One of  our stabiliser has also been tested by the BSI against the new EN131 standard.
  • This ladder safety device can be used with most ladder levellers or ladder levelling devices.
  • Simple twist and lock mechanism ensures your ladder safety in seconds.

These videos can explain how this innovative safety device works and how to use these ladder stabilisers.

Extension ladder stabilisers for lone worker safety

  • This ladder safety device is very quick to install.
  • Playing a great role in lone worker safety in the current circumstances created by Corona virus (COVID-19).
  • The retractable ladder stabilisers are retrofitted and can be removed if required.
  • This safety device is compact and easy to store and transport with ladders.
  • This ladder stabiliser is designed with ease of use in mind so it can be stored and transported with the ladders.

This ladder safety solution has won BSiF Product Innovation Commended Award 2016 and was among top three Finalists for APS Health and Safety Innovation Awards 2016 as well.

Safe ladder System

We have brought to you a high quality and innovative Safe ladder system to simplify ladder safety. Our award winning retractable ladder stabilisers now come permanently fitted to British standard BS EN131 extension ladders. Save even more time in stabilising ladder and work without worry as our ladder safety system has been tested to over 2 tonnes. Use your extension ladder in more places with built-in ladder stabiliser. The high quality ladder systems are made in the UK and come in different sizes to suit all your needs. Look no further if you want to simplify ladder safety.

Ladder sections x Rungs Closed length (m) Extended length (m) Approx weight (kg)
2 x 9 2.5 4.0 15.5
2 x 11 3.0 5.0 17.3
2 x 13 3.5 6.0 19.3
3 x 9 2.5 5.5 22.5
3 x 11 3.0 7.0 26.0

Our ladder stabilisers can be fitted to your existing ladders, we just need to know the Stile depth and Overall width of your ladder or make and model of your extension ladder.

Other ladder sizes are also available just contact us and we will try to meet your needs.